My daughter is stinkin' adorable!!

Yes I am saying it! I know all mom's think there kids are the cutest but I am pretty sure mine is! She just turned 5 and she thinks she needs to make cards now. All the time. It is so cute when she pulls up a chair right next to me and says, "Mommy can I make a card?" And then she smiles. And then I melt. My little scrapbooker in the making!!

Ok back to the card thing. So I made this card and she said she wanted to make one just like it. She asked if it was ok if she "copied" me!! Again....so cute!

This is just another super simple card! I love the Scor-Bug and the texture it adds! There is just so many things you can do with it!

And I had to post a pic of her card too! I cut a base for her and helped her with the Scor-Bug but she inked up and stamped her own images! And then she colored the image with her Barbi makers!! So stinkin' cute!

Well, thanks for listening to me ramble on about my DD! She is alot of fun so I just had to share!

Have a great day!!


Stamps: TAC's Skinny Birds and Tiny Tidbits
Paper: Green, Black and Yellow Bazzill, TAC White Ultrasmooth
Ink: Noir Palette
Misc: Tombow Markers, Barbi Markers, Scor-Bug


  1. Such great cards! BOTH of them. My 5 yr old boy sounds a lot like yours, but he thinks she can give me all kinds of advice on how to do it better...lol

  2. Now I have a tear in my eye as I miss my kids doing that. My daughter is 33 in CO. with 2 grandsons. My son was doing counted cross-stitch at age 5, now at 29 he does computer animae.
    Your card is very cute and easy, and your daughter did very well in deed.

  3. Rylee!! You're card is awesome!! You did such a good job! Mom did a good job too! Very cute!!

  4. These are both adorable! How cute is that?!

  5. Hi Rylee ~ What a pretty card and pretty name too! I like the colors you used on your Flower! Your becoming a great little stamper...Isn't it fun stamping with Mom! : )

  6. Rylee you made a gorgeous card! It's so beautiful! You did a fantastic job!!!! Your mommy makes pretty cards, too! I like to make cards with my little girl, too! I hope to see more of your cards on your mommy's blog!

  7. Your cards are so elegant yet simple! Love them! And your daughter's card is just cute!! She's got your talent!

  8. What a cute story! My daughter is 5 too and she loves to create - she's a little more abstract then me. She made a wagon that I'll be posting on my blog tomorrow - it has a funny story too!

    Telly Rylee that her card is beautiful!!

    Way to go with the challenges - you and Barb are really cranking them out!

  9. How cute! I can't wait until I can make cards with Lily.

  10. Wow both your cards are fab :) I have a 4year old daughter who likes to sit up with me too its alot of fun!


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