Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am spending time with my sister and her husband in Colorado! As I watch the news and listen to the stories of the people who don't have family or are affected by the economic crisis, I realize how thankful I am today! God has truly blessed me with His presence in my life! My kids and family are healthy! I have a home that is safe and warm! I have friends who love me! I am so Thankful for everything in my life!

When I checked my email today I found a great surprise! Melisa Waldorf nominated me for the Encouraged Blogger award! This is what she said:

"Hi ladies. I was nominated for the Encouraged Blogger Award. I don't know who started it. But what a great idea. I am nominating each of you because I am inspired and encouraged by your blogs. I follow your blogs regularly and I want others to know about your blogs and be inspired as well. "
Melisa made my day! I am so glad that my creations can encourage another person! Click here to view Melisa's blog! She has an amazing Thanksgiving centerpiece that is so super cute!

Now, I am going to nominate 5 blogs that encourage me! Blogs that I view on a daily basis! (EDIT: Blogger will not let me post the correct links to these blogs!! I will try again later to correct this! Sorry!)

1.Jennifer Carter

2.Stacy Rogers

3.Sarah Gilreath

4.Heather Scott

5.Diane Hershberger

Thank you to all the girls who give my inspiration!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day! Be safe and eat lots of Turkey!


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  1. Congratulations on the award! I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!


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