Craft Room

So you may remember way back HERE, that I said I wanted some Ikea furniture.  Well one year happened.  It took lots of saving pennies and some really great convincing speeches to my husband, and he finally agreed to this major overhaul.  The reason I say major?  Well, the closest Ikea is Denver and our SUV fits us and our luggage....and well, lets just say we were feeling the whole sardine thing on the way home.  :)  I packed in quite a bit.  Luckily, my dad was in Colorado for a wedding so he was able to bring home the table tops for me.  I've had it set up for awhile but it's clean today...which it usually is not.  So here are several lots of pictures of the new space.

Here is a shot of the new desk space.  I was able to grab 2 desks, one for me and one for my little one.   It's so fun to have her in there with me!  She loves making cards and drawing, so this space is perfect for us!


This is my main work area.  There are 2 Linnmon's together for our big table, and then I have a small one to the side for my paper cutters and the Cameo.


I have 2 alex drawers on the ends of the table tops.  Those things are amazing!


Here is a close up of how I have my Cameo set up next to my computer.  And that handy ink storage too!


I bought a the rod and 3 bins while I was at Ikea too.  This is now where I keep my Copics.  


While I was in Boulder, I grabbed this Elfa from the Container Store.  I could live in that place.  I didn't want to leave.  I really think that organizing is a hobby in itself.  


I have all of my PTI paper in here.  There are 2 folders for each.  The first is scraps and the second is the full sheet.  I need to find some white folders and get rid of these green things.  But it works for now and it is so handy to have right under the table.  The second drawer down is where I keep my Neenah paper.  My new favorite white paper for everything!!


This card is right behind me.  I keep the stuff I am working on right here.  The drawer thats open is where I keep all my Verve.  It is really convenient to have it all in one spot.  The top clear container is all of my Simon Says.  There is some fun Christmas stuff in there I get to share soon!  ;)


On the other wall I hung up another Ikea rod and basket and then I put my big ribbon and stamp shelf on the wall too. dad put it there.  That thing weighs a ton.


I also have the new Jennifer McGuire stamp storage going on.  That is a work in progress but has to be the best way yet!

I keep all of my embossing folders and plates in this Ikea wire basket.  The little bucket is where I put dies I am done with, if I don't put them away first.  It's nice because then they don't get lost in scrap paper piles that usually live on this table.  


The sewing machine has a permanent plugged in home.  I still don't use it that often but I love having it there. 


So my little card maker buddy has her own spot too.  I grabbed more of those Ikea buckets for her.  She has a spot just for her decorative scissors, colored pencils and markers.  Can you believe those rods were only $2.99 and the buckets are only .99?  I need more.  This is also where she keeps her table top easel.  This thing is genius.


The paper just rolls out and they sit in here with me and draw for hours.  Or in the little ones case....10 minutes.  I need to get more of that paper next time I go.  So handy!


Here is her set of drawers.  She has all kinds of supplies stashed away.  I had to stop the OCD in me from organizing them for her.  It was really hard to do.  :)  She is at school right now..... 


And last, I still have all these punches from over the years.  For whatever reason, I can't let go of them just yet.  The kids use them so that is good.  I hid them behind my door in this shoe rack.  


I took a panoramic room photo just for fun....


One last all the purging I did, I found this metal embellishment from probably 10 years ago....back in my scrapbook everything days.  I couldn't let it go to waste, so I decorated my computer....


Thanks for coming to see my space today!  Have a great day!


I have taken a boat load of pics for you to see my new space.  It's nothing extravagant but its mine!  And its so nice and bright and cheery!  It's the total opposite of my old space which you can see HERE...the old dark cave.

So here is my desk... (It's not always this clean!)


Just another angle in front of my table...


Here is my work space... I do all my stamping on this black piece of foam from Michael's.  It fits perfectly on my Scor-Mat that goes right on top of my Scor-Pal.  I have the Tonic Guillotine trimmer, which I LOVE, and the Creative Memories Personal Trimmer from years ago.  I use both on every card I make.  I love having the big one for large pieces of cardstock and the small for more detailed cuts.   That white basket at the front of the table is all my acrylic blocks.


This ink holder is an old casette tape holder I found years ago.  I stores all of my ink so easily.  The CD rack to the left holds all of my sentiment sets from PTI.  I love having them separate to be able to grab quickly. My Copics and Big Shot live on this table too.  All within reach!


This is right below the table pictured above.  I keep all of my PTI cardstock in this hanging file.  It is actually a drawer for the little shelf on the right but I found it is so much easier to just keep out.  Then I have things stored on the little shelf. The top 2 totes are all of my DeNami stamps. I have them stored by sentiments in the top tote and then all the images are in the bottom one.  So handy for me to grab! 

The drawer below is sort of a problem area....a problem being that I am sort of addicted to those little rose buds that Michael's recently discontinued.  As you can see, I have several packs hidden in that drawer!  :)  I also keep some miscellaneous trims and all of my felt there.  Right under that drawer is my scrap box.  I have all of the scraps thrown in there....not handy believe me...but I am working on getting that organized soon.  


I have had pics of this shelf here on my blog before but its probably my favorite part.  My dad made this for me from the instructions that Nichole Heady had on her blog.  


He made me 4 ribbon shelves and then converted the 2 bottom shelves to store CD cases.  I love this because I know I will never have as much ribbon as that lucky girl Nichole has.  LOL!  And here my stamps are again right within reach.


This is how I keep my Nesties now.  If you looked at my old space, I used to keep them on magnets right up on a mirrored wall I had in that space.  It was so handy just to grab what I needed.  Now since I am trying to look a lot less cluttered, I am storing them all in this 3 ring binder.  I cut some thick plastic and attached the business card magents to each and then just put each set in a pocket of these 3 ring card holders.  I love being able to flop through and find what I need.


I have a few more pictures in a group on Flickr.  You can click HERE to see those.  I didn't want to bore you with too many pics here. :) 

Thanks for looking!


Crafty Math Chick said...

Fabulous organization Laurie! No wonder you are able to create such pretty things in such a lovely and serene space!
~ Meredith

barbara macaskill said...

Love your craft space! Very well organized and spacious! Love your ribbon rack that your dad made for you! TFS!

Anna said...

hmmm looks like I could move right in!

Sara Smeby said...

Wow, Laurie! Love it! May I ask a question, please? Where did you find that great spinny organizer (white one on your desk)? I need one of those...



njbowen said...

Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing .

Donna said...

This is a dream room. So happy for you. Maybe in the future I will do a makeover, thanks for the great ideas!

Donna said...

Fabulous room, so happy for you! Appreciate the ideas!

Donna said...

Fabulous room, so happy for you! Appreciate the ideas!

Donna said...

Fabulous room, so happy for you! Appreciate the ideas!

Anna Wolleben said...

You are one lucky girl! The craft room looks fabulous! Can you write some details on your favorite white Neenah paper? Where did you get this and how thick is it? I am desperate for a good white paper!