Card Hanger Dies

Just stopping in to share an old post.  For those of you not familiar with my Card Hanger dies, you can see everything below.  To purchase a card hanger die, check the right sidebar here and click on the Paypal button.  There are rectangle, scalloped, decorative and the mini in stock.  Let me know if you have any questions!  Thanks for stopping in today!


My new die is called a Card Hanger Die.  Basically this die, allows a clean and finished opening in your bag, to hang your card making a quick and easy gift bag.  You have the chance to showcase that card you spent so much time on instead of putting it in an envelope!  And your gift bag is decorated and ready to go in one easy step!  Just hang your card!


You can coordinate your card hanger with the card you are using.  Stamp on it, emboss it, personalize it...anything you want!



This card was so fun to make but obviously wouldn't fit into an envelope, so its perfect to hang right on the front of the bag....


You can see that the note is written inside the card, and slides in and out easily!


Here is one more bag that I made back in December.  I made this large medallion and this card definitely can't be mailed easily.  Plus this cute sentiment from Neat and Tangled is perfect for a gift bag!


This is one of my favorite Christmas cards from this last  year and I think it works so well here!


Here is a bag using the Scalloped dies...


I love the versatility in this one because it also doubles as an edger die!


 Here is a video for you...(my first ever iMovie-made video!) so you can see how to use it.  Come back after you watch the video, so I can tell you a little bit more about the die....

I just love how this die makes it possible to use the card as your gift bag decoration.  Now all those cards that don't fit in an envelope, can hang front and center.  This saves us time too.  I have several bags in my cabinet already with kraft colored hangers on them.  I can grab any card, at any time and the bag is ready to go!  If I have extra time, I can make a card hanger that coordinates with my card!

In the video, I share 2 ways to use the die.  I forgot to mention that the first way to use the die is for the heavier cards.  They lay flat if the back side of the card is tucked in to the bag.  If you are reusing the bag, then cutting the hole in the bag and added the reinforcement card stock, inside and out, can make the bag last longer and hold those cards with larger details a little easier.

The second way to attach the hanger, works for those lighter cards.  Also, this die works great for making pockets on envelopes and has a few other fun uses too! 

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ETA: Answers to a few questions!  The die is around 5" long and the opening allows an A2 card to fit perfectly inside!  The Mini will fit onto a small bag and hold a 3" card.  


  1. I have left this same comment before.
    The card hanger dies are AMAZING!
    You can make a fun, thick, un-mailable card , hang it on the front of a plain bag and have a FABULOUS gift!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine!
    Thanks Laurie

  2. I have one, could use another. Love it.

  3. Rats! I missed out on the Mini one AGAIN! Please send out another email letting us know when you get more of these in.

    UNLESS....you have an extra one laying around...in that case, please email me!

    Big hugs from Texas

    Valerie Martin


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