Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A big Hello!

Today I have a preview of a new Hostess set from TAC. This will be in the new Serendipity coming out very soon! I have a friend who said she is not a fan of this set and so my goal is to try to change her mind. (Hi friend!)

I know we are past the holidays but I had to use one of the stamps that goes along with this set. Here is a Christmas Hello.....

It is a handy set because it comes with several stamps for the middle of the "O".

For this next card I kept the "O" blank and just added a button! How cute is that?

So I hope I changed my friends mind! We will see! Let me know what you think!


Junieb said...

I am not wild about that set either but the 2nd card you did was FAB. Love it, THanks!

Stacy said...

You sure do have a way of making people change their minds about a stamp set! LOL This set wasn't on my wishlist but you definitely made me take a second look at it! Great cards :)

Barb said...

I'm diggin' it more and more. They are both great... although me always likes the buttons :)

Jennifer Carter said...

Hi friend! You totally cracked me up! YOUR cards using that set are darling! You did a great job, but I'll just appreciate your cards made with the set that I never plan to own... LOL!!

Kadesia said...

Okay I'll admit that I wasn't crazy about this set, either. I really TRIED to like it but I wasn't feeling it, then I look at your first card and I was like well it has potential and then the card with the button...I was like OH MY! I love that!!!!!!!!! You know you are the ONLY person that can enable me! How do you DO that??? LOL

Bridgett said...

Oh and sorry I was on my daughter's blogger account just a second ago!