Thursday, August 18, 2011

CAS-ual Fridays Challenge #16

How is it Friday already? This last week just flown by! This was our last week of summer vacation and then school started yesterday! It has been SO hot here that my dd was pretty much bored! We were either at the water park or in the house with the AC turned way down! So it was time! Although I am having a hard time with 2nd grade! Not quite sure how we got here either! She should still be in pre-school!

OK so on to this weeks CAS-ual Fridays Challenge! This week...embossing! There are so many ways to emboss so the possibilites are endless for you! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Here is my card for this week...

Embossing Challenge-CAS-ual Fridays

For the embossed part of this card, I used PTI's sunshine impression plates to make the hills.  I actually used the back side of the paper!  This fantastic stamp set is from the Stamps of Life!  It's called trees 2 build and it is adorable!!

Does this look CAS to you?  I know I have some patterned paper where white space usually is but I couldn't NOT use that fabulous checkered paper for those little chicks!  It's still CAS right?  :)

Here is this week challenge....

And here is this weeks sponsor...

Check out the prize over at the CAS-ual Fridays Blog and see all the other DT creations!

I wanted to sneak one little tip on here today!  I shared this with Amy the other day and she said it worked well for her so I thought I would come and share it with you too!

I use foam tape....a lot.  And I have been known to mess up and get something very crooked.  I am sort of a perfectionist so you know it has to be straight.  When I use foam tape in all of its permanant stickiness, I needed a solution to get the tape up without ripping the whole card to pieces...which i have done.

Here is my super easy solution...

A Cricut Spatula!  (I think that is what they are called.)

Once you stick your foam taped layer down and its crooked, just take your spatula and use a sawing motion back and forth on each piece of tape and it will come right up!  Then you can reposition. 

I get a little tearing now and then but for the most part it comes right off!  You can get this handy little tool in the Cricut section at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joanns!  And online too!  I hope this comes in handy for you sometime!  It even works with glue dots if you just pry gentley.  This spatula has a nice sharp edge and works great! 

Thanks to everyone for coming by today!  Hope you have a great Friday!


  1. Thanks for the 'tool' tip, what a fab idea! Another awesome card Laurie, love the colours and design!

  2. Love the tool tip! and...still cas and still gorgeous! Love that this is a very cheery card! How's your sister feeling?

  3. such a fun card! I love the patterned paper :)

  4. Sweet card! I really love the patterned paper.

  5. Oh...Laurie it's too stinkin' cute!!
    LOVE that patterned paper...
    I would not have been able to resist using it either!! :)
    A super fabby card...
    as always!
    And since we seem to have the same problem with getting "straight"...
    I discovered a little blast from my heat gun underneath the glue....
    comes right up!!
    But I'll try your idea too...
    should need it on the next card I make!! *giggle*

  6. LOVE the spatula ...... I use it for the same thing!! And yes it is totally CAS ....... I love that paper!!! Love the card ....... LOVE IT ALL!!! I have totally been MIA well kinda we are STILL at the beach and the kids are giving me a beat down here and we are all sleeping at some crazy hour because we are so tired by the time it comes to an end!!! Now I have to go check out your other 2 posts that I missed ~ xoxox

  7. LOVE that paper Laurie and what you created with it, such a happy card! Those birdies are adorable!

    Thanks for the tip! I have been meaning to pick up that tool, but alas...I am forever ripping up my panels after adhering them and I make a total mess of my cards! Great tip!

  8. Love the card! I have a gingham background stamp I bought ages ago and haven't used and your card makes me want to use it. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Well it's still totally CAS in my book! CAS doesn't have to mean white space to me :)
    Fab use of the sunshine IP on this cutie!
    Oooh and thanks for the tip - I'm off to root for a spatula!

  10. Cute card! That's so funny that you use your Cricut tool that way...I do the same thing. It works great.

  11. Beautiful CAS card! I love the embossed grass!

  12. I'd say it's still CAS too - it's not overly embellished and that's what I consider CAS to be :)

    Such a good tip! I am am actually addicited to foam tape and I get sooo annoyed if I stick something on crooked - I too have torn many a card front! There's one sitting in my bin looking forlorn right now - poor little thing! Will try and find one of those spatulas! Thank you!! :)

  13. Cute, cute, cute! LIke the bright colors and your design.

  14. This card is just so cute. I love how you used the sunshine impression plate to create hills.

  15. Laurie, you hit this out of the park! Love everything about it, especially that plaid paper! I'd still call your card CAS! ;)

  16. Your card looks fantastic, love the checkered bordered paper with the little birds.

  17. Genius use of the embossing for rolling hills! Cute card!

  18. Genius use of the embossing for rolling hills! Cute card!

  19. My vote is yes--it is still cas lol. I really love that paper too and would never have been able to pass it up.
    Cute little scene you've created, and I love the hills--nicely done!

  20. This tip is absolutely fabulous.....It works every time! I think I found my spatula at Walmart for $5. Very cute ginham paper and those impressed hills are perfect to perch those little birdies on! Can't wait to see you on Sunday for one last day in the SUN!!! :)

  21. You made such a cute scene!! Love your embossed hills!

  22. This is so cute! I love the embossed hills for those bright birdies to sit on. Beautiful job as always. Thanks for the tip as well, I am also a perfectionist!

  23. Too cute!! I love your big hills and the gingham background! The little red birds are adorable!

  24. Beautiful card! Love the little birds!

  25. LOVE LOVE LOVE this adorable little card!! That gingham is the perfect backdrop. :)
    I also love those circle embossed hills. :)

  26. I LOVE how you used the Sunshine IP to make the hills! Fabulous! You're so creative!

  27. Super fabulous!! LOVE that gingham DP!!! Such a cute card!! Thanks for the tip!!! I have used an artists spatula as well (in the art section at any arts and crafts store) - works well too!

  28. I LOVE this card, perfection!

  29. Still CAS and you're right - the checkered paper is perfect! Love those birdies too. :)
    And thanks for the spatula tip!

  30. ADORABLE! I love those hills and little birdies. Thanks for the tip....I am always repositioning...and ripping... ;)

  31. Fabulous card! Love the effect on the impression plates. The gingham paper is perfect!!

    I LOVE my Cricut spatula - it really helps out when needed.

  32. This is such a sweet card - I love it!!


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